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Born in Silicon Valley, trained at Stanford, Harvard, and Google, and distributed to the world

Artificial intelligence, reinvigorated in the past decade with the development of deep learning, is on the cusp of bringing forth the next industrial revolution.

Until now, the advances in A.I. have largely been the domain of massive corporations. This is a familiar pattern of the rich getting richer.

Hadron is named after the subatomic particles distributed throughout billions of galaxies and which form most of the mass underlying the known universe.

Hadron’s mission is to empower more people around the world with A.I. systems built on our distributed intelligence platform. Our hope is for A.I. to be as ubiquitous and as widely distributed as the proton, and powered by our protocols for ground truth, training, and ML computation.

Hadron has built over the past two years a complete system for distilling the world’s most accurate ground truth for mission critical machine learning applications, a platform for collecting and annotating visual and language data for deep learning algorithm training, a novel consensus algorithm for data refinement, serverless secure compute to provide the foundation for ubiquitous distributed deep learning, and much more.

Hadron's distributed international team is second to none and we invite you, as a miner, as a community member, or even as a teammate, to join us on this journey to bring A.I. power to the people.

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